Happy ulula is positively charged handicrafts for everyone

The added value to our products is - they are all handmade - no automated devices are involved. Each product is made with enormous care. Yarn to yarn, color to color and as a result  joyful handicrafts with embedded positive emotions are made. The company's activity started in 2011, creating joyful hats for kids. By following customers' wishes- we have supplemented our product range with countless hat models for children, also for adults, summer and winter hats, crocheted skirts, butterflies and flower garlands.

About us

The first Happy Ulula hat

Happy Ulula was found on 2011, when a little lady was looking for an unusual hat. She searched and searched, but could not find it.

To make the little lady happy, her mom made a hat for her.  The very first Happy Ulula! You can see it yourself - little lady immediately became very happy. And she made happy everyone she met on her way.  Since happiness is a feeling that should be enhanced, an idea was born- to make happy other people.

Since the first Happy Ulula hat, we have gathered experience, improved and adapted Happy hats to the customer's wishes.

  All Happy Ulula hats are designed to paint everyday life with happiness. Each Happy hat is made accurately with love. We want every Happy kid wearing a happy hat, not also to feel comfortable, but also to be happy. By the way, happy is also everyone else, who meets a Happy kid wearing happy hat.

Join the Happy club-

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